The best time for your newborn photoshoot is when you feel comfortable and ready to capture timeless memories.

As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of your family's story, focusing on your comfort and readiness rather than strict age requirements or sleepy baby expectations. I believe that every moment with your newborn is precious and worth preserving, no matter the age.

Comfort and Connection

When it comes to newborn sessions, what matters most is your comfort and the bond between you and your baby. I don't swaddle babies or expect them to be flexible or sleepy in a classic newborn photography sense. Instead, I want you to feel relaxed and at ease during the session, allowing your family's story to guide the photoshoot and make it uniquely yours.

Timing is Personal

While there are differences in babies at various ages, each stage brings its own beauty and charm to the photos. Here's a personal guide I share with parents:

First 2 Weeks: Babies have that angelic newborn look, perfect for serene captures. They naturally curl up into womb-like poses, showcasing their tiny features beautifully.

3-6 Weeks: Their personalities start to shine through, with adorable quirks and budding expressions. This period captures their growing awareness of the world around them.

Every Moment Counts

Whether you schedule your session early or a bit later, every moment with your newborn is precious and worth capturing. From the serene newborn moments to the budding expressions of later weeks, each phase tells a part of your family's story.

A Timeless Story

In my portfolio, you'll find babies from 7 days up to 2 months old. Regardless of the age label—newborn, family, or baby session—the focus is on your family's unique story, celebrating new life, new chapters, and freezing those precious moments in time.

Remember, it's not about the age of your baby; it's about capturing the beauty of your family's journey and preserving those timeless memories.