Photography is a beautiful art form, and when it comes to capturing those precious family and newborn moments, two main styles stand out: lifestyle and classic photography. Let's dive into the differences and discover which one might be perfect for you!

Setting the Scene:

In lifestyle family and newborn photography, we embrace the authenticity of everyday life, capturing genuine moments and connections in the comfort of your own home. Classic newborn photography, on the other hand, often occurs in a studio setting, with carefully curated props, backgrounds and light creating a more controlled atmosphere.

Age Matters:

In lifestyle photography, there's no age requirement. Whether your baby is days, weeks, or months old. While in classic newborn photography, babies are typically photographed within the first 14 days of life. This timeframe allows for easy posing and swaddling while they're still sleepy and flexible.

Posing or Natural Moments:

Lifestyle sessions say goodbye to stiff poses, focusing instead on natural interactions and emotions for spontaneous and heartfelt images. In contrast, classic sessions often involve posed shots of the newborn, carefully arranged to showcase their tiny features and delicate expressions.

Guidance and Improvisation in Lifestyle Photography:

In a lifestyle session, my guidance plays a certain role in capturing authentic moments. I may suggest holding your baby, looking down at them, or sharing a tender gaze with your partner. We might position you near a window to catch the soft natural light or encourage you to sit closer together. However, it's all about guidance and improvisation, allowing your family's unique dynamic to shine through naturally.

The Whole Family Experience:

While lifestyle sessions aren't just about the baby, often including the entire family and capturing the love and connection between everyone, classic sessions may primarily focus on the newborn, with some photographers offering options to include family members as well.

Authenticity vs. Artistry:

Lifestyle photography aims to document real-life moments as they naturally unfold, preserving the unique essence of your family's story. Classic sessions allow for more artistic expression, with photographers using props and posing techniques to create timeless and beautifully crafted images.

Choosing between lifestyle and classic newborn photography ultimately comes down to personal preference and the kind of memories you want to cherish. Whichever style you choose, the most important thing is to find a photographer who resonates with your vision and can capture the beauty of your growing family with love and authenticity.